Tonyrefail Nursery

A purpose built open plan setting based at Tonyrefail Community School, with two separate rooms specialising Under 2’s, Flying Start, Pre-School, Wraparound care and Holiday Schemes.

Opening Times

Mon – Fri: 7am – 6pm
Sat – Sun: Closed

A standard full day runs from 7am to 5pm or 8am to 6pm

50 children aged 1-8 years


Enquiries: 01443 805104

If you have any questions or would like to arrange a visit to our Tonyrefail Nursery, please fill in and submit the form below or email [email protected] with the following information. We will be back in touch by telephone within one working day.

    Facilities Available at Tonyrefail

    • Based on one level with access for wheelchairs
    • Parking available for parents
    • All meals are freshly cooked
    • Spacious garden

    The Playroom

    Two playrooms with age specific resources with large open access space which is divided into play areas such as language area, home corner, construction and free play. It also has an area designated for messy play where there are facilities such as sand, water, painting and many more messy activities.

    The setting is set up under the guidelines for Curriculum for Wales.

    In Good Hands


    Nursery Manager


    Deputy Nursery Manager

    Our Tonyrefail nursery has been recognised for its achievements across the board, from food hygiene to education and staff training.

    • WPPA quality assurance
    • Employers pledge essential skills
    • Staff trained in:
      – Paediatric First Aid,
      – Appointed First Aid,
      – Child protection,
      – Food Hygiene up to level 3


    The nursery staff design activities that follow the Foundation Phase. Children are encouraged to join in activities suitable for their age and ability that will encourage learning through play. The nursery will provide opportunities for children to achieve this in all areas of development.

    Gross motor skills – The children all have access to a large garden area that’s used in all weather conditions. The setting has a mixture of grass, patio, and soft landing areas. This allows us to offer a large range of physical activities ranging from bikes, scooter, climbing frame, slides, parachute and many more. The outside and inside areas offer continued play via activities such as water, sand, craft, digging and messy activities, all of which enhances the child’s individual gross motor skills.

    Fine motor skills – The children take part in daily activities that enhance their hand and eye co-ordination. Activities are age and ability appropriate and range from playing with sugar strands, raisins, threading, jigsaws, finger painting, painting with brushes, mark making and messy play.

    Children learn through hands-on experience, exploring and experimenting whilst taking part in fun activities. At Little Inspirations we implement the Foundation phase curriculum and principles for all children.

    The children take part in long term, medium term and short term planning of activities. Each activity is constructed to enhance the children’s learning, and the staff extend the learning by achieving the learning outcomes and by monitoring the individual’s progress.

    The children are surrounded by a wealth of language, in both English and Welsh. On a daily basis they experience stories, song time, circle time, drama and music time. All activities and display boards are completed in both English and Welsh, and all staff speak incidentally Welsh where possible.

    We encourage language development by asking open-ended questions that extend the individual speech. Children will be asked for daily input with activities, and speech will be monitored and recorded in individual development books.

    The setting provides a homely environment with love and security for all children, who are encouraged to express their emotions during play. To assist their imaginations they’re provided with a selection of dressing up clothes, home corners, shops and other play areas. Staff will respond to children who are upset with love and reassurances whilst listening to the child’s view and opinion.

    A child’s voice is valued by all, and staff will listen and act on their request or need. Children take part in activities that encourage them to become aware of their emotions and how to respond to them on a daily basis.

    The nursery creates a family environment for the children, who learn to become sociable by being part of the nursery community. They engage in daily activities such as washing hands, eating as a group, self serving, toilet training, using cutlery and dressing themselves.

    Activities are also designed for children to learn to take turns and to value other people’s space and views. Children are surrounded by diversity, and take part in various activities that reflect a range of cultures, views, religions, and genders.


    Day Nursery Daily Routine


    This is an example of a weekly menu, however menus vary between weeks and nurseries.


    Every parent or carer is given a copy of contracted hours and fees; this is signed by both the parent and staff. This contract will be updated every time a child’s days or fees are changed.

    Our current fees

    SessionsTimeNew fees from 1/4/2024
    Full Week5 days, 10 hours per day£274.00
    Full Day8am-6pm / 7am-5pm£61.00
    Full day long session7am-6pm£63.00
    Full morning8am-1.00pm£41.00
    Full afternoon1.00pm-6pm£41.00
    School Day9am-3pm£49.00
    Short Session9am-12pm or 12pm-3pm£24.00
    Morning Wraparound7am-9am£15.50
    Afternoon Wraparound3pm-6pm£20.00
    Both Wraparound Sessions7am-9am & 3pm-6pm£31.00
    School Drop Off/Collection£5.00 + session cost


    Four weeks before your child’s first session a deposit of £75 will be charged. This deposit is refundable only when four weeks written notice of leaving is given. When four weeks written notice has been given the deposit will be deducted from your child’s final invoice. Deposits will not be refunded if a child’s place is cancelled before they start.


    Invoices are issued between the 20th and 23rd of the month and all fees are to be paid by the last day of the month in which the invoices are issued. You will be charged in advance for the month you will be receiving, this will be calculated by the number of days and sessions pre-booked in that month. Additional sessions must be paid for in advance or, at the latest, on the day of the required session.  Fees will not be charged on bank holidays or over the Christmas closure. Any reduction in your child’s sessions will be charged for unless four weeks written notice is received.

    Late payment

    In the event of fees not being paid on time there will be a charge of £25 for every week that the fees are late. You will receive a letter notifying you of late fees and stating additional charges. Enclosed in the letter will be a date from which your child’s place will be cancelled if no payment or arrangement of payment has been made.


    Fees are still charged when a child is absent as overheads have to be paid and to ensure that your child’s place is secured. No fees are charged when the nursery is closed, this includes bank holidays and one week at Christmas.

    Fee Increase

    The fees will be subject to annual review every March; in the event of fees increasing you will be given 28 Days written notice of change.


    Little Inspirations Day Nursery
    Tonyrefail Community School
    Gilfach Road
    CF39 8HG

    Email: [email protected]
    Tel: 01443 805104