Our Four Seasons Nursery in Tonyrefail, RCT has started offering regular Stay and Play sessions within the nursery and these are proving really popular with new parents in the area.

Stay and Play is an opportunity for babies and young toddlers to enjoy a short session, (usually 90 minutes) within the nursery, joining in fun activities, crafts, song time and snacks with parents/guardians staying for the session to also share in the fun and meet our staff and other local parents.

These brief sessions are a great way for children new to the nursery environment to get comfortable with their new surroundings encourage interaction and play with other children and also a great way for parents to see our nursery and staff in action.

There are many childcare decisions and options for parents in Tonyrefail to make and it is important to make the right decision. These sessions are informal and fun but a great way to ask questions and find out information from our staff and other local parents.

All future sessions are advertised on our Facebook page and parents are encouraged to confirm their attendance in advance.  Sessions are usually free or very low cost.

Here are just a few photos of our December session, more can be found on our Facebook page

Come and join in the fun at future events at our Tonyrefail nursery in RCT.

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